2.150 Beef Shabuki


4 (Sat) June 2011

Beef Shabuki


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, HSK and wife

Tried and true, shabuki remains a favorite in our home.

Koreans have always been keen to consume any manner of vegetation, the rarer and more exotic, the better.  On our recent backpacking trip to Seonjaryeong, signs posted along the trail read “Do not pick the vegetation,” though that didn’t stop gaggles of older women who’d come apparently for that very objective and brought bags to carry their loot.  Such weeds are generally difficult to come by for the mainstream public, but big retailers like E-Mart have recently made efforts in the growing demand for healthy eating to stock all manner of greens and vibrantly colored leafy flora, most of which probably don’t have English names.

To great success, I’ve been experimenting with these weeds in my shabuki mix.  The shredding process allows for any type of vegetable to be incorporated seamlessly as far as texture is concerned. In terms of taste, because only a shred or two of any given plant will be present in each bite, the bitter or otherwise unusual flavors of the new additions don’t overpower but provide just a slight kick, refreshing and lively.  And finally, the added colors make everything look cooler and that much more wholesome.  I wish I’d taken a closer photo.

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