3.058 Sundae Bokkeum


3 (Sat) March 2012

Sundae Bokkeum


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Sundae Bokkeum is a Korean dish.  Consists of blood sausage (sundae) that’s stir-fried (bokkeum) in a gochujang-based sauce along with various vegetables, such as onions, cabbage, and perilla leafs.  While sundae itself is most common as a street food, sundae bokkeum is more common in pubs, as anju.

As my poorly improvised first attempt ended in disaster, I won’t comment any further on the dish for now.

In related news, packaged sundae can now be purchased in most major supermarkets.

This item, by E-Mart’s Good Food line, contains 2 packages, 1 kg total.  Precooked, the sausages require 15 minutes immersion in boiling water to reheat; may also be frozen for later use.  Alas, the sundae was both bland and rubbery.  At 6,900 won, about half the cost of sundae on the street.  Though convenient, I don’t think it’s worth keeping on hand.

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