3.061 Haemul Ssamjang


6 (Tue) March 2012

Haemul Ssamjang


at Bonga

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, PY and family

I forgot to take a photo of the meal until the end of the meal.  By then, some of the haemul ssamjang and a few scraps of lettuce were the only things left on the table.

I was preoccupied in conversation with an old family friend, who’s visiting with his wife and kid from Southern California.  His father and my father were best friends in high school and college.  Our parents went on their honeymoons together – not like in the same room, but in the same hotel, which apparently was a thing back then.  His wife and W’s brother’s wife are best friends from high school.  His sister and W’s best friend from college are close colleagues at work.  None of the second generation connections are related, each discovered in random fashion, e.g., he’d given me a set of distinctive dishes as a housewarming gift years ago, and his sister had given her friend an identical set (for some reason, they had multiple sets at home), then that friend came over to our apartment years later and saw the dishes and asked where we’d gotten them, at which point we connected the dots.  Other connections are sure to exist, waiting to be discovered.

This might sound rather snobby, but the truth is that the Korean middle class, at least through my generation, occupies an extremely small world.

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