3.143 Galbi Tang

Cycle 3 – Item 143

27 (Sun) May 2012


at Deo Keun Jib

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ (and IZ)

First time featuring this dish at a restaurant.

The restaurant has undergone a few changes since my previous visit.

These three gigantic cauldrons, proudly on display through the front window, boil away beef bones for soups, what seems like 24-hours a day (at least, they’re on whenever I’ve been there).

Notably, they’ve done away with most of the barbecue, which isn’t really what people come for.  The soups, which are what people come for, seem the same as before.  However, the prices went up at least 1,000 won across the board, making the galbi tang now 11,000 won with regular rice (12,000 won with special multi-grain rice in a stone bowl).

For some reason, they’ve added duck to the menu: “A duck barbecue smoke.”

They’ve kept the self-serve ice cream, which is what DJ comes for.  He’s so tickled that it’s “free.”

Now that I think about it, this is probably a bad idea on so many levels.
I may need to blacklist this restaurant, to save my kid from the ice cream.

I have to admit that four consecutive days of nothing but Cantonese, as much as I adore it, was too much of a good thing.  By welcome contrast, Korean comfort food never tasted better, never felt more nourishing, than it did this evening – prompting me to order a second bowl of rice, which I haven’t done at a restaurant since college.



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