3.148 Samgyeopsal

Cycle 3 – Item 148

1 (Fri) June 2012



at Ilpum Saeng Gogi

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

When the weather is good, the restaurant provides al fresco seating along the sidewalk with folding tables, plastic chairs, and portable grills.  Koreans love to eat under makeshift conditions, which seem to enhance the experience, especially where the menu consists of something as down-to-earth as pork bellies.  (This explains in part why Koreans love camping.) At the very least, the outdoor setup minimizes the smell of smoke and rendered fat on the clothing afterwards

While prior posts on this restaurant have featured beef, the pork belly (samgyeopsal) is also excellent, among the juiciest and tastiest that I’ve had anywhere.  They’re so good that the ever-measly array of side dishes becomes inconsequential.  Just add salt.  9,000 won for 200 grams.  It’s no wonder that the place is always packed.

Another distinction is that the restaurant offers imported wines at supermarket prices.  The owner is a wine-enthusiast who just wants his customers to enjoy wine.  Not that I really like wine with Korean BBQ, but the option is nice on occasion.

The restaurant is located under Oksu Station – the only stop on the orange line (Line 3) that is above ground.



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