3.163 Pizza Picante Carni

Cycle 3 – Item 163

16 (Sat) June 2012

Pizza Picante Carni


at The Corner Kitchen

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with DJ, Dad

This was my 3rd visit to The Corner Kitchen in 5 days.

Tonight, with my mom out of town, my father was on his own for dinner, and he loves Italian, so The Corner Kitchen was just the place.

W was too tired to go out, so she stayed home with the baby, leaving three generations of first-born Hahm sons to break bread together.

The restaurant is BYOB – no corkage!

The food continues to satisfy.  The Pizza Picante Carni (spicy meat) consisted of fresh mozzarella, spicy/tangy tomato sauce with hint of BBQ flavor, minced meat (beef?) pre-sautéed in some kind of sweet/savory seasoning reminiscent of balsamic, and fresh scallions that provided a crisp counterbalance to the mix.  It was so well-crafted that I nearly gave it a 4.0 rating but held back because I still believe that the pizza overall, perhaps due to the cheese, doesn’t quite represent perfection.  If ever an item deserved 3.5 stars, this was it. 16,000 won – totally worth it.



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