3.206 Hangari Jjambbong

Cycle 3 – Item 206

29 (Sun) July 2012

Hangari Jjambbong


at Hong Kong

-Suseok, Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, various families from DJ’s former daycare

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the country, hangari jjambbong is their signature dish.  It’s distinctive from standard jjambbong in the quantity and quality of seafood, including the piece de resistance: a whole octopus (see also 2.193 Jaengban Nakji Jjajang Myeon).  Also, it’s served in a huge hangari, a traditional Korean earthenware bowl, one so large that it usually elicits gasps from those seeing it for the first time.  Though the menu describes it as a 2-person portion, it tends to feed at least 4, along with other dishes.  And of course, the restaurant’s noodle dishes all feature hand-made noodles, their general claim-to-fame.  Good stuff, though I’m not personally much of a jjambbong guy.  16,000 won.

The kids watching the chef pulling the noodles.



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