4.146 Oyakodon

Cycle 4 – Item 146

31 (Fri) May 2013



at Daikyo

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

With Oksu-Dong undergoing massive redevelopment for the past couple years, long-time residents are faced with bad news and good news.  The glimmer of good news, at least for me, is that new restaurants keep popping up here and there, though most of them haven’t been that great.  The bad news is that the prices at such restaurants are rising.  And traffic is becoming monster.

Located in the new Remian complex.

Daikyo is a Japanese restaurant.  It’s one of the aforementioned new restaurants.  Casual vibe, casual menu.

The decor is postmodern wooden jail.

Oyakodon is a Japanese dish.  Chicken chunks and scrambled egg, seasoned in soy sauce and dashi stock, served with steamed rice.  Cutely enough, the name means “parent (oya) + child (ko).”  Along with gyudon (beef) and katsudon (deep-fried pork), oyakodon is the third member of the donburi trinity.

One of my favorite Japanese dishes.

Alas, the oyakodon at Daikyo was utterly meh.  For starters, the dashi broth was so overdone that it smelled kinda fishy, even before I tasted it.

DJ’s cold soba noodle soup was very very good.

As expected, the prices were steep.  A total bill of 39,000 won for 2 noodle dishes, 1 rice dish, no beverages.  The cost of gentrification.



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