4.287 Pork & Cabbage La Mian

Cycle 4 – Item 287

19 (Sat) October 2013

Pork & Cabbage La Mian


at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

-Myeong, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

In Myeong-Dong to get some clothes for the kids at H&M, so of course I insisted that we eat dinner at Crystal Jade.

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant in the city.  The food is generally pretty good, most items that I’ve tried rating somewhere around a respectable 3.0, the best being the la mian in scallion oil.  But more important, the types of dishes on the menu look and feel Chinese, as opposed to Korea-Chinese, and the way that they’re prepared make them taste Chinese, though not in any consistent/identifiable style, except for certain obvious regional connections (e.g., xiaolongbao = Shanghainese).

The pork & cabbage la mian was excellent.  For one thing, the noodles were thick, like udon noodles, but much chewier.  The sauce was a mix of oyster sauce and black bean sauce, somewhere between a stir-fried chow fun and jjajang myeon.  Perfect for kids, of all ages. 13,000 won.



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