4.325 Caesar Salad with Canadian Bacon

Cycle 4 – Item 325

26 (Tue) November 2013

Caesar Salad with Canadian Bacon


by Aunt H + me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

This is a salad created by an Italian in Mexico, popularized in America, with a ham product that’s only called “Canadian bacon” in America (Canadians call it “back bacon”).

The dressing was made by Aunt H on a recent visit, who’d developed the recipe at her former deli in San Diego to mimic the one from department store Nordstrom.  Beaming with pride as she handed me a bottle, she was like, “You know that Nordstrom’s caesar salad is so good, right?”  I was like, “Right, Nordstrom’s caesar salad is internationally famous.”  Anyway, the dressing is excellent: a fine balance of seasoning, spice, a hint of anchovy, luxuriously but not indulgently creamy, chunky with bits of garlic and cheese, maybe the best that I’ve ever tried – although frankly, most caesar salads seem to taste kinda the same.


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