5.048 Deungsim Bulgogi

Cycle 5 – Item 48

22 (Sat) February 2014

Deungsim Bulgogi


at Samwon Garden

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, Mom + Dad

2nd Home Visit (Day 2)

In Seoul.  Just for the weekend to celebrate my mother’s birthday (Feb 22) and W’s birthday (Feb 26).

Among other items, we ordered bulgogi.  More specifically, bulgogi made from ribeye (“deungsim”),  an unusual cut to use for this dish, which involves thinly slicing and marinating the meat, so cheap cuts work just fine, prized ribeye typically reserved for straight up grilling – it’d be like making a sloppy joe with a porterhouse.  A little more expensive than the regular bulgogi, but no discernible difference in taste/tenderness.  Back to the regular.

Flying back to Manila tomorrow morning, I had a bowl of mul naeng myeon.

IZ, at 23 months, knows how to use certain features of the iPhone, including the camera.  He likes to turn on the camera and press the shutter button continuously for multiple exposures of whatever he’s shooting; I suspect that he just likes the sound of the “ch-click ch-click ch-click ch-click.”  Once, as I was syncing my phone to my computer, I discovered that he’d taken over 600 new photos through this method.

I discovered that he’d taken a shot of the bulgogi as it sat on the table, which I’m using for this post’s featured photo.  It’s the first time in the history of GMTD that the featured photo is not by me.  Good job, Mo!




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