5.047 Sashimi

Cycle 5 – Item 47

21 (Fri) February 2014



at Tamaya

-Daechi, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with various staff from AUSOM, YUHS, HIRA, WHO

2nd Home Visit (Day 1)

In Seoul.  Just for the weekend to celebrate my mother’s birthday (Feb 22) and W’s birthday (Feb 26).

0230 – depart MNL on Air Asia Flight Z2 885.

0730 – arrive ICN.

0930 – renew permanent resident visa (F4) at Office of Immigration.

1200 – eat lunch with SMS and HIRA staff.

1400 – go home, shower, nap (W and kids are staying at the In-Laws’ in Apgujeong these days, so our apartment in Oksu lies empty).

1700 – meet with SMS, KSY, YL, for discussion on WHO-YUHS collaborations.

1900 – eat dinner with SMS, KSY, YL, KDP, CMS.

2130 – see W and kids, put them to bed (Apgujeong).

2230 – hang out with MtG (Oksu), discuss his plans to open fish & chips restaurant.

2330 – sleep.

Hoping to spend more than 30 minutes with the family tomorrow.



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