5.118 Lobster Newburg

Cycle 5 – Item 118

3 (Sat) May 2014

Lobster Newburg


at Fiji

(Plantation Bay Resort & Spa)

-Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines-

with the Family

Our Second Family Vacation to Plantation Bay Resort & Spa (This Time with Momo) (Day 1)

After checkin, guests are taken to their rooms by a horse-drawn carriage; the service is a one-shot deal, not available during the stay, nor on the way out.

We got a room in Nile Hall, the most centrally located building on the complex, with a rear door heading directly to the lagoon.

Remembering that snacks had previously been an issue, we came well-stocked.

While I can’t imagine why any adult free of parental obligations would opt to come here, the controlled environment makes it ideal for families with young kids.

On his first try at 2, Momo took to the water like a little blowfish.

After a brief session in the open Cebu sunlight, despite SPF 50, we were all sunburned to a crisp, forcing us to spend the rest of the time in the shaded safety of pools elsewhere.

From our 4-night reservation, we were given a choice of promotional options, so I chose the 3,000-peso gift certificate at Fiji.  Seafood restaurant, Asian in character, seemed like a good idea.  Had I consulted my post on the restaurant from our prior visit (2.122 Pancit Bihon Guisado), I would’ve warned myself to go in a different direction .

Lobster Newberg is an American dish.  Consists of minced lobster tail, sautéed in clarified butter then simmered in cream then finished with sherry/cognac/madeira and cayenne pepper. Supposedly invented by a man named “Wenberg,” popularized at a restaurant in New York sometime during the 1870s, but a dispute led the restaurant to continue serving the dish under the modified name “Newberg.”

The food was, once again, blah.  The Lobster Newberg (here, “Newburg”) exemplified the mehness of the meal overall.



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