5.139 Dragon Sukiyaki

Cycle 5 – Item 139

24 (Sat) May 2014

Dragon Sukiyaki


by YI

at his home

-Amsa, Gangdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, camping crew

Home Visit 5: To Watch DJ Play Soccer (Day 2)

The camping crew was invited over to YI’s house to celebrate his birthday.

He designed and built the house from scratch.
Now regularly featured in architecture magazines, television programs on celebrity lifestyles (he’s a very famous commercial director), etc.

Dinner parties at his place are legendary, among us, because: (a) he has piles of disposable income and spends it without restraint on his passions, like cooking, so the ingredients are always of the highest quality; (b) he is very passionate about cooking and enjoys trying to impress people with his culinary prowess, so the spread is likely to be interesting, at least; (b) he has some skills, so the dishes are usually pretty good.

I was most impressed by the stainless steel countertops.
Also the Sub Zero.
Also the dedicated beer fridge.
Good stuff.

I don’t recall if I ever tried consciously to impress anyone with cooking.  [LJY, you’d remember best from those early days when I really started getting gastro-geeky – did I seem like I was trying to impress anyone?].  Nowadays, my objective is primarily to feed, ideally with nutritious food, hopefully tasty.

For the sukiyaki – I’m calling it “Dragon Sukiyaki” (the “Y” in YI = Yong = dragon) – he layered the cabbage and beef and perilla leaves, then cut them into cross-sections, making for a nice visual and also allowed for each bite to contain an equal bit of everything – brilliant.

Organic free-range eggs, sold in packs of 4, of course.

While I’m all for indulging in my own passions, of course on a much much laughably smaller scale, I’ve found that learning to cook within budgetary restraints presents challenges that can be overwhelmingly satisfying when successfully solved, like producing a great roast with a cheap piece of meat.

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