5.259 Tom Yum Goong

Cycle 5 – Item 259

21 (Sun) September 2014

Tom Yum Goong


at Benjarong

(Dusi Thani Hotel)

-Bangkok, Thailand-


Mission to Thailand (Day 2)

In Bangkok.  Here to represent WHO at a regional consultation on tobacco and trade.  Objectives (of the meeting) are to examine how international trade agreements, both those existing and those under negotiation, impact national tobacco control measures.  Objectives (of GMTD) are to explore of my favorite cuisines in one of my favorite food countries.


Dusit Thani is a Thai-based chain of hotels and resorts.  Founded 1970 in Bangkok.  Currently 12 properties throughout Thailand, plus another 12 properties around the world, including USA, China, Philippines, Maldives, India, UAE, Egypt, and Kenya.  On the higher end of the hospitality spectrum, though not ultra expensive/exclusive.


And kimchi!

At hotels in Asia, I appreciate that breakfast buffets offer rice and noodles, in addition to scrambled eggs and bacon.


After more shopping in the mall, beef noodles at Nuer Koo.


Benjarong is a Thai restaurant.  Located in the Dusit Thani Bangkok.  Recently renovated, revised menu.  Thai-ish ingredients and seasonings, French-ish presentations and methodologies.

I was a bit torn on whether to eat at such an upscale restaurant.  Though well aware that amazing Thai cuisine can be had on the cheap, I was curious what paying more would bring.  And the restaurant was already in the hotel, so it was an easy choice.

The food was rather disappointing.   The ingredients were impeccable, sound technique, gorgeous presentations, but the flavors seemed to fall short missing something.

Pla Muek Tod Kamin Sod (2.5): deep fried squid with fresh turmeric, lime, and coriander.
Tom Yum Goong (3.0): the shrimp had first been stir-fried over high heat to provide a hint of char.
Kang Kiew Wan See Krong Neau Toon (2.0): “72-hour cooked beef ribs in aromatic curry of green hers and spices” had a luxurious tenderness, but lacked the explosive richness characteristic of a competently concocted Thai curry.
Ped Yang Nam Man Hoi (2.0): sous vide cooked duck breast, how absurdly pretentious, I should be ashamed of myself and certainly deserve a crappy and overpriced dining experience.

At meal’s end, the server commented that the executive chef is Danish, which would explain it – I’d been thinking that the food seemed either to be dumbed down for foreigners and/or cooked by a foreigner who either didn’t know what to do or wasn’t willing to go all the way.  What a waste of a meal.



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