5.260 Phak Boong Fai Daeng

Cycle 5 – Item 260

22 (Mon) September 2014

Phak Boong Fai Daeng


at Oasis Lounge

-Bangkok, Thailand-


Mission to Thailand (Day 3)

In Bangkok.  Here to represent WHO at a regional consultation on tobacco and trade.  Objectives are to examine how international trade agreements, both those existing and those under negotiation, impact national tobacco control measures.

Patpong is a red light district in Bangkok.  One of the oldest catering to foreigners and expats, dating back to the Vietnam War, when soldiers on R&R were the main customers.  Comprised of a few short alleyways with go-go clubs and massage parlours and the like.  Nowadays, it’s also famous as a night market with stalls hawking t-shirts and other souvenirs.  In fact, newer/bigger/glitzier/sleazier red light districts can be found elsewhere in the city.

Just happens to be a few blocks from the hotel, as I discovered while wandering around in search of food, and only food.

Located at the western entrance to Patpong.

Oasis Lounge is a Thai restaurant and bar.  Owned by a Canadian expat and his Thai wife.

Didn’t intend to have dinner at Oasis Lounge, just dropped by for a beer but ended up ordering a few things.  If this evening were any indication, the clientele would seem to be exclusively foreigner/tourist/expat.

The food was good.  The phak boong fai daeng, my favorite Thai dish, was excellent.  The phad thai, my first time having it at the source, tasted exactly like pad thai in the States, possibly because the kitchen tailors the recipes for the foreigner/tourist/expat crowd.  In any case, the meal was one of the best that I’ve on the trip thus far.



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