5.278 Local Lunch Again!

Cycle 5 – Item 278

10 (Fri) October 2014

Local Lunch Again!


at Taro & Kari Restaurant

(Department of Education)

-Hohola North, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea-

with NDOH staff

Mission to Papua New Guinea (Day 8)

In Port Moresby.  Here to provide technical/legal support to the National Department of Health in updating their tobacco legislation, which hasn’t been touched since 1987 – nice work if you can get it.  Unfortunately, the food was rather a wash, as anticipated, due to factors beyond my control.



Next door to NDOH (National Department of Health).

Taro & Kari is a Papua New Guinean restaurant.  More of a canteen for government employees rather than a commercial enterprise, though it is open to the public.  Traditional root vegetables and meats, modernized with a variety of sauces and prepared by various techniques.

Located inside the Department of Eduction building.
I was honored to be the only non-local person in the place.
Locals tend to refer to meats as “proteins.”

As a follow-up to yesterday’s lunch, perhaps encouraged by my brimming enthusiasm – one of them remarked that he had never in his life met anyone who talked about food so much – colleagues from NDOH took me out to lunch.

Salt is also a problem.

The food was quite good.  Infinitely better than the austere spread yesterday.  I ordered a grilled chicken quarter in gravy, deep-fried taro, seasoned greens, minced lamb wrapped in some kind of leaf, and stir-fried (Chinese) noodles.  Well-balanced, contrasting tastes and textures.  I don’t see why hotel restaurants don’t offer stuff like it.  In any case, I was so giddy to go so fully native.  What a perfect ending to a most fulfilling mission.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are a major contributor to obesity.


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