5.275 Tofu with Vegetables in Clay Pot

Cycle 5 – Item 275

7 (Tue) October 2014

Tofu with Vegetables in Clay Pot


at Fusion Bistro

-Hohola North, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea-

with CAL, UJK, WR

Mission to Papua New Guinea (Day 5)

In Port Moresby.  Here to provide technical/legal support to the National Department of Health in updating their tobacco legislation, which hasn’t been touched since 1987 – nice work if you can get it.  Uncertain, however, about dining prospects for the week.


The biggest supermarket that I’ve ever seen, so big that it wouldn’t stay in focus.
The Philippine section is stocked with processed junk food.
Including, for some reason, processed Korean junk food.


Fusion Bistro is a Chinese/Malaysian restaurant.  Located in Town.  One of the most popular expat restaurants in town.

We were invited out to dinner by various staff members of the WHO country office.

One of our dining companions, who happens to be Korean, recommended a few dishes, guaranteeing satisfaction, explaining that she and her family regularly eat at Fusion Bistro and always order the same things and always go away happy – such a Korean mentality, going with the tried and true.  She’ll be transferring to WPRO next month.

The food was pretty good.  Surprisingly, the tofu dish featured deep-fried silken tofu – didn’t know that was even possible – exquisite texture of delicate skin and creamy inside.  Everything else was competently done.  I could see myself eating there on a regular basis.



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