5.309 Steamed Fish Fillet Stuffed with Mashed Shrimp

Cycle 5 – Item 309

10 (Mon) November 2014

Steamed Fish Fillet Stuffed with Mashed Shrimp


at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Item at Tao Yuan (19) (see also TEITY)

Eating my way through the restaurant’s entire menu, currently at 222 items.

Tasted 5 new items tonight, bringing the total to 100 items tasted thus far, 122 items remaining, averaging 5.3 items per visit, on pace to finish at TEITY 43.

Double Boiled Fish Maw with Red Dates (1.0)
Beef Rice Roll (1.0): same meat as in the Minced Beef Ball, but unpleasantly mushy in combination with the rice noodle.
Fried Salad Seaweed Rolls (3.5): the minced scallions, presumably, represent the “salad” component of this item; otherwise, it’s just minced pork; the seaweed made them taste kinda Korea (i.e., gimmari) – a strong contender for the Korean WPRO staff menu.
Pork Belly with Salted Fish in Hot Pot (3.0): nicely spicy and salty, but couldn’t taste the fish.

The highlight of the meal was the Steamed Fish Fillet Stuffed with Mashed Shrimp.  Like a tight chord, the three principal components combined for a gentle harmony of complementary textures: soft fish, squishy shrimp, silky egg white sauce.  Classically Cantonese.  Top candidate for Korean WPRO staff menu.



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