5.310 Chicken & Pork Adobo

Cycle 5 – Item 310

11 (Tue) November 2014

Chicken & Pork Adobo


at Bobby Velasco’s Café de Malate

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with MP

Bobby Velasco’s Café de Malate is a Filipino restaurant/bar/club.  It offers: (a) a respectable range of food and drinks; (b) an indecent drove of scantily clad hostesses – for 795 pesos, she gets a champagne flute of ice tea, the customer gets an hour of her time.  While (a) are good, I would imagine that 100% of the customers are there for (b).

The food and drink were lovely.

Believe it or not, prior to this evening, I hadn’t visited a single girlie bar since relocating here, one of the most notorious cities in the world for blue entertainment (except maybe that one pub where I was offered a quickie upstairs at a happy-hour discount rate, but she was a freelancer, and I had no idea at the time that the establishment is kinda famous for that kind of thing, so that doesn’t really count).



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