5.353 Lapu-Lapu Chazuke


24 (Wed) December 2014

Lapu-Lapu Chazuke


at Asunaro

(The Pan-Pacific Manila)

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Winter Holiday with the Family (Day 1 of 11)

For our first extended family time since I left home to work overseas, we’ll be spending the winter holiday together.  Starting with Christmas in the Philippines, ending with the New Year in Korea.

Subtle touches, like the finely shredded dried laver, indicates the hand of a skillful chef.

Chazuke is a Japanese dish.  Consists of steamed rice in warm broth, typically a simple fish stock seasoned with a touch of soy, often topped with grilled fish and garnished with dried laver, toasted sesame seeds, sliced scallion.  Although very common in Japan, the dish hasn’t really caught on in overseas markets.

At Asunaro, the chasuke was excellent.  The delicately seasoned broth paired perfectly with the light flesh of the lapu-lapu, as well as the napa cabbage.  The skin of the fish had been separately grilled to a crisp, providing a nice textural contrast.  Simple yet sophisticated, my kinda dish.  With the steamed rice, it was a great meal in itself.

Geso Shioyaki (grilled salted squid legs) (3.0): simple as it sounds, the dish only works when the squid is impeccably fresh, as here.
Ebi Tempura (3.0): for IZ, it’s all about the shrimp.
American Lobster Aburi Gunkan (2.5): although the dish combines DJ’s two all-time favorite food items, lobster and sushi, he wasn’t that into it, the lobster being a tad undercooked for his liking.
Kid’s Udon (2.5)

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