6.002 Pan-Grilled Shrimp in Roast-Pepper/Tomato Sauce


7 (Wed) January 2015

Pan-Grilled Shrimp in Roast-Pepper/Tomato Sauce


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with EK, RK

EK’s last night in town, returning to Korea tomorrow afternoon.  Yet another colleague, briefly befriended, gone too soon.  Don’t know when I’ll see her again, maybe never, hopefully someday.

A casual/impromptu final-final farewell (see previously 6.001 Braised Superior Whole Abalone).

Including this evening, EK has eaten dinner with me, either one-on-one or with others, on 32 occasions, more than anyone else in Manila, thus far.

I’m particularly grateful for her participation in 12 instalments of TEITY.  Without her unwavering encouragement, the project certainly would not have advanced as far as it currently stands.

Come to think of it, she’d also jumped on the TERRP bandwagon towards the end and helped me close out that project (see for example 5.245 TERRP 84(4.10) Yaki Mix…).


To investigate the commonly held belief that all/most/some booze sold in Manila is fake, I conducted a taste test of Jim Beam from 3 sources: (1) Duty Free Store, Incheon International Airport; (2) Robinsons Supermarket, Ermita; (3) Vines (liquor store), Malate. Conclusion: they tasted identical, meaning they’re either all genuine or all counterfeit.

3 thoughts on “6.002 Pan-Grilled Shrimp in Roast-Pepper/Tomato Sauce

  1. thanks for your warm farewell parties for me! good fun to participate in TEITY and TERRP. we will be seeing again someday for sure either in manila or seoul or somewhere else. wish you all the best on your work, well-being, health!

    fyi, i guess it was 33 occasions in total including the dinner at the harbor view restaurant on the last day of CAL.

    1. you’re welcome.

      too bad that we couldnt finish TEITY.

      forgot that you were at harbor view (because you’re not in the photo)–i’ll tag you on that post…

  2. looking forward to reading the post on completing TEITY. and we never know about whether i would be able to be in that picture. best of luck with TEITY!

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