6.006 Mushu-Mapa Tofu & Shrimp


11 (Sun) January 2015

Mushu-Mapa Tofu & Shrimp


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Using Pulmuone’s ready-to-cook mapa sauce base.  As for the improvised addition of egg, it was an okay idea but would’ve turned out better had the egg been separately scrambled first, rather than being cooked by stirring directly in the sauce, which made everything too thick.

Keeping the post short, in line with GMTD tradition on mapa (see most recently 4.032 Mapa Tofu with Pork & Buchu).


One thought on “6.006 Mushu-Mapa Tofu & Shrimp

  1. I want to try this without the shrimp. How did you make it? Seems simple, but also really easy to screw up.

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