6.029 TEKREM 15 : Steamed Egg


3 (Tue) February 2015

Steamed Egg


at Jung

-Malate, Manila-

with MK, TL, JL, et al.

TEKREM (Try Every Korean Restaurant in Ermita/Malate).

So long as I’m currently living in Ermita/Malate, a pair of neighborhoods that together constitute central Manila’s closest thing to a Koreatown, and while GMTD was never intended to be a Korean food blog but kinda is, I may as well attempt to eat at all the Korean eateries in the area, including those serving Korean-Chinese fare, and review them here.  Currently 40 known establishments.  Though doubting the discovery of any gems–in fact, I anticipate that most of the places will be similarly mediocre–the project should be interesting, if only in giving me a reason to get out and explore more of my environment.

This is 15th restaurant covered.  25 to go.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.22.07 AM

The following tiers (“Would I go back for more?”) relate to the overall dining experience, including all the dishes sampled, cost, ambiance, cleanliness, and any other factors that may apply, cumulative through multiple visits (if any).

Tier 1 (looking forward to it):

Tier 2 (okay, but not enthusiastically):

Tier 3 (only under dire circumstances):

Tier 4 (to be avoided no matter what):

*no longer in business

IMG_9630 2
Jung is in the 5-story building on the other side of Remedios Circle.

IMG_9632 2

IMG_9635 2

The masochistically gluttonous “Try Every” series: (i) TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place) (see generally 5.247 TERRP 85 KFC : Original Recipe Fried Chicken…);  (ii) TEITY (Try Every Item at Tao Yuan) (in process) (see most recently 6.009 Awful); (iii) TERNWPPD* (Try Every Restaurant in New World Manila Bay Hotel, Pan-Pacific Manila, and Diamond Hotel Philippines) (in process) (see most recently 6.015 Jou Nigiri Sushi Moriawase); (iv) TERSK (Try Every Restaurant in St Kilda) (see generally 5.339 Roasted Squid); (v) TEKREM (Try Every Korean Restaurant in Ermita/Malate) (in process) (see most recently 6.016 Nakji Jjambbong); (vi) TEIBR (Try Every Item at Bistro Remedios) (in process) (see most recently 6.014 Kare Karentang Butot Baka).

IMG_9633 2 IMG_9634

Jung is a Korean restaurant.  Mainstream fare.  One of the nicer establishments in the area, Korean or otherwise, at least in terms of decor, which appears to have been renovated within the past decade.

The meal started off quite nicely with free appetizers and sides, all reasonably well done and well presented.  The steamed egg, for example, perfectly silky texture, topped with a layer of delicate soy sauce–my kind of dish.  I was impressed for the first time in TEKREM to encounter a Korean restaurant showing an effort to be more than a snack shop.

However, the rest of the food was rather disappointing.  Nothing wrong with any of it, nothing right.

I might go back to give the place another shot, though I don’t have high hopes that other dishes would be much better.

Banchan (2.5)–while the pasta in mayo was an ill-conceived and disastrously executed idea, the jeon (zucchini + fish) and kimchi (cucumber) were okay.
IMG_9638 2
Juk (2.5)–on the house.
Gujeolpan (3.0)–on the house, one per customer; individually prepared, a touch of royal treatment.
Gyeran Jjim (2.0)
IMG_0056 2
Japchae (2.25)–described on the menu as “Korean-style pancit;” not much flavor.
Spicy Squid (2.0)–not much flavor.
Haemul Pa Jeon (1.5)–looks great on the outside, but lacking structural integrity and, of course, not much flavor.
IMG_9641 2
Sundubu Jjigae (1.5)–not much flavor, not even pork flavor with all that pork.
Galbi Jjim (2.5)–finally something with flavor, though just a bit; spicy.

7 thoughts on “6.029 TEKREM 15 : Steamed Egg

  1. in korean, both would be referred to as “gyeran jjim.”

    one consists of beaten egg that’s placed in a pot and cooked over direct medium heat–technically, it’s “simmered egg.”

    the other is made by first running the raw through a sieve, which makes the texture silky smooth. then the mix is placed in a serving dish, like a soup bowl, which is placed in a large steamer, so that it cooks indirectly/gently, like chawanmushi. totally different texture.

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