6.045 Tortilla Española


19 (Thu) Feb 2015

Tortilla Española


at Casa Armas

-Malate, Manila-

with the family

Lunar New Year with the Family in PHL, Day 2 (see previously 6.044 Rock Lobster in White Pepper Sauce).

After spending the earlier part of the week in Seoul, we flew into Manila together late Tuesday night (see 6.043 Bibimbap).  As on the prior family trip to the Philippines (see most recently 5.357 Chicago Cowboy Steak), which had gone so well that the wife was willing to come back so soon, the itinerary primarily involves water play for the kids and fine dining for the grown-ups.  Flying back late tomorrow night.

Another trip to Anilao, but only for the day, via ASDC from the get-go (see previously 5.356 Soya Cake with Three Kinds Mushroom).
Each taking exactly after either of their parents, one arch, the other staid–if I ever start a restaurant, I’m naming it “Arch & Staid.”

The best dish of the spread was the Tortilla Española.  Essentially the same kind of omelet as those that CAL used to make for us (see for example 5.081 Home-Cooked Spanish Cuisine…), which was much richer and heartier in taste, though the tortilla here was lighter in texture.  In any case, it was an ideal dish for the kids, mushy potato and scrambled egg, some onion, a dash of ketchup on the side. what’s not to like.

Though more miss than hit, we enjoyed the meal overall.

Calamares a la Romana (1.5)–squid itself was fine, but the breading was crumbly and flavorless.
Salpicao (2.0)–beef was dry, but the garlic in oil made for a good bread dip.
Sopa de Mariscos (3.0)–though it doesn’t look like much, I found the mild flavors to be well-balanced and quite satisfying, better than the one that I had in Spain (see 5.198 Sopa de Pescado y Marisco).
Pinchito de Sardina (1.5)–dry bread, dry sardine, bland chili; when the plate was set on the table, DJ immediately exclaimed, “Hey, pintxos!” (see generally 5.197 Pintxos)–how many kids from Korea, how many human beings on earth know what a pintxo is??–demonstrating to his overwhelmingly proud father that the kid had learned a valuable if esoteric lesson about food in Spain last summer (see most recently 5.202 Sepia Plancha), totally justifying the expense of taking him.
Huevo con Esparrago y Jamon (1.5)–the white stuff is “salsa mahonesa” = mayonnaise sauce, way too much; the only decent part was the pickled asparagus, but just barely.
Langostinos a la Parilla (1.5)–overcooked; overbuttered.

As suggested in the post on my first visit to this restaurant (see previously 6.036 Calamares a la Plancha…), I’ve been considering eating my way through the menu.

Tonight’s experience makes me want to think about it some more.

While the flavors and quality are decent enough, I’m a bit skeptical about the kitchen’s technique, as dubiously suggested in the deep-fried and grilled dishes, as well as the half-assed pintxos.

For dessert, we walked down the street to Bistro Remedios (see most recently 6.014 Kare Kareng Buntot Baka)–the Sikreto ni Maria Clara , I’ll reveal the secret in a future post.
Happy New Year!

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