6.099 Roast Chicken + Tabouli + Hummus + Magical Garlic Sauce + Pita


14 (Tue) April 2015

Roast Chicken + Tabouli + Hummus + Magical Garlic Sauce + Pita


from Arabic Kitchen [takeaway]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Tabouli (1.5)–not very fresh, judging by the lackluster color and mushiness; but okay in flavor.
The creamy mayo-like sauce, infused with intense garlic flavor, magically elevated everything to a higher level; while the fine pita brought it all together, literally.

I quit ordering the wraps here–previously earning a 4.0 rating (see generally 5.091 Chicken Shawarma Sandwich…)–after “salad” was no longer available as a topping.

The only reason that I went back tonight was to try the tabouli as part of my on-going research into the dish (see most recently 6.085 Eggplant Tikka).

Despite the disappointing tabouli, and the disappoint hummus, and the somewhat dry chicken, the meal was enjoyable overall with the garlic sauce and pita.

One my favorite programs these days is America’s Secret Slang on History Channel; on tonight’s episode : terms derived from a topic close to my heart (or liver).

4 thoughts on “6.099 Roast Chicken + Tabouli + Hummus + Magical Garlic Sauce + Pita

  1. did you ever have zankou chicken when you were here? rotisserie chicken, thin pita, hummus, tabbouli, and magical garlic sauce. looks just like your spread except you are missing the garlic sauce.

    1. funny you should mention that, because the chicken here does indeed come with magical garlic sauce.
      in fact, in the comments under the previous post about this restaurant, a reader also comments on the sauce.
      now that you mention it, i will include a photo that does feature some of the sauce drizzled on the food. good catch!
      no, i’ve never even heard of zankou…
      i do have fond memories of kookooroo, which we used to order when we were working late.
      what i miss most about those days, as i’ve mentioned before, is when we’d go to McCormick’s for happy hour.

      1. i’ve been to mccormick’s a few times recently but Fred doesn’t work there anymore 🙁

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