6.117 TEKREM 30 + 31 : The King is with Sincerity that You Do,the Best Food Is Made with Pride to Mention Chicken.


13 (Mon) April 2015

Fried Chicken


from Moiza [takeaway]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Moiza is a Korean pub/restaurant, specializing in variations of fried chicken; Moiza 2, which I won’t be covering for TEKREM 2, is around the corner.
The name of the place means “let’s get together.”

TEKREM (Try Every Korean Restaurant in Ermita/Malate). So long as I’m currently living in Ermita/Malate, a pair of neighborhoods that together constitute central Manila’s closest thing to a Koreatown, and while GMTD was never intended to be a Korean food blog but kinda is, I may as well attempt to eat at all the Korean eateries in the area, including those serving Korean-Chinese fare, and review them here.  Currently 44 known establishments.  Though doubting the discovery of any gems–in fact, I anticipate that most of the places will be similarly mediocre–the project should be interesting, if only in giving me a reason to get out and explore more of my environment.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.36.46 PM

The following tiers (“Would I go back for more?”) relate to the overall dining experience, including all the dishes sampled, cost, ambiance, cleanliness, and any other factors that may apply, cumulative through multiple visits (if any).

Tier 1 (looking forward to return visit):

Tier 2 (okay, but not enthusiastically):

Tier 3 (only under dire circumstances):

Tier 4 (to be avoided no matter what):

^ no longer in business

! an emerging theme, not-so-surprising, is that the restaurants with on-site Korean management tend to demonstrate closer authenticity, though not necessarily higher quality

31 down, 13 to go.


The masochistically gluttonous “Try Every” series: (i) TERRP (…Restaurant in Robinsons Place) (see completed 5.247 TERRP 85 KFC : Original Recipe Fried Chicken…);  (ii) TEITY (..Item at Tao Yuan) (see completed 6.095 DONE); (iii) TERNWPPD (…Restaurant in New World, Pan-Pacific, Diamond) (see completed 6.081 Lobster, Baby.); (iv) TERSK (…Restaurant in St Kilda) (see completed 5.339 Roasted Squid); (v) TEKREM (…Korean Restaurant in Ermita/Malate) (see most recently 6.098 Ganjang Gejang); (vi) TEIBR (…Item at Bistro Remedios) (see most recently 6.070 Chicken and Pork Adobo).

I gave most of it to some homeless kids hanging out near the entrance, keeping just the thighs for a taste.

The chicken was good.  Lightly battered, crispy, nicely seasoned, tasty.  Marginally the best Korean-style fried chicken that I’ve had in Manila thus far.

* * * *

11 (Sat) April 2015

Fried Chicken


at KP2

-Malate, Manila-


Chimaek is a Korea pub/restaurant, specializing in fried chicken.
The name of the place is a portmanteau of “chicken + maekju (beer).”

This is the 5th post to cover two restaurants from different dates.  I will do this whenever possible to accelerate the completion of TEKREM.

With the pickles and salad, a way better value at 295 pesos, compared to 350 above.

Late-nite snack, several hours after dinner (see generally 6.095 Done).

The chicken was pretty good.  The skin was a bit too hard/crusty for my taste.  But otherwise okay.

At some Korean chicken joints these days (see for example , I’ve been noticing that the skin — through some newfangled process/additive — comes out unnaturally hard/crusty, nearly to the point of being breakable.
From the colored pickles …
… to the complimentary salad and lemon in the beer, I do appreciate their efforts to make everything just a touch nicer.

In case I’ve never mentioned it before, chimaek is an well-established thing in Korean culture.

4 thoughts on “6.117 TEKREM 30 + 31 : The King is with Sincerity that You Do,the Best Food Is Made with Pride to Mention Chicken.

  1. like the way of integrating the grapes’ ripening process into the map–nice!

    1. you keep using the grape metaphor, which is appropriate, but i didn’t mean it that way. it’s just that purple stands out on multi-colored maps. though i guess maybe i chose green to signify that they’re not yet ready.

    1. is that right? i never knew that. lesson learned!

      “brittleness” is exactly what it is. i’ve noticed that in many fried chicken skins here in PHL. i don’t like it that much, but it has the benefit of keeping the skin from going soggy after awhile.

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