6.118 Sushi Moriawase Matsu + Alpha


3 (Sun) May 2015

Sushi Moriawase Matsu + Alpha


at Izakaya Den

-Ermita, Manila-


Starting with Izakaya Den (see most recently 4.269 Mango), the closest to home, located directly across the street from the lobby of my building.

Sushi + Alpha*, Day 1.  Embarking on a week-long sushi binge, just because I can now afford to.  In college, I had reportedly proclaimed that my financial ambition in life was simply to earn enough money so that I could eat sushi every day.  I was reminded of this over a recent get-together in Seoul with DP — actually, I don’t recall ever setting such a target, but it sounds like something that I would’ve said.  Even back then, apparently, my primary frame of reference had been food.  For a college student, I suppose that sushi would’ve been quite a luxury.  And as an English lit major, getting rich obviously hadn’t been part of the plan.  In any case, I’ve since attained that relatively humble measure of success, and perhaps a stretch beyond.

*In Korean, the phrase “plus alpha” — pronounced “plus al-pa” — describes “something more, a bit extra on top.”

Daily sushi is much more doable in Manila, where prices for sets range from 500 to 1000 pesos (about $12-$24).
  1. Izakaya Den (6.118 Sushi Moriawase Matsu…) (2.25) / 6 nigiri + 1 gunkan + 6 maki (+ soup) = 420 PHP / alpha : tako karaage (2.5)
FREEBIE : Miso Shiru (2.25) — note the poorly sliced scallion.

As anticipated, the sushi wasn’t that great.  Decent quality fish.  But despite the name — “moriawase matsu = assorted premium” — the selection was basic, no special cuts.   Otherwise, nothing to complain about.

ALPHA : Tako Karaage (2.5) — crispy on the outside, chewy octopus within, nicely seasoned; ate them at home.

Whereas the point of this project is to enjoy the symbolic fruits of my modest success, Manila — at least this part of town — may not be the best place for implementation, given the lack of sushi capacity in the area (see generally 5.250 Assorted Sushi).

With 29 letters, the longest non-technical word in the English language (see for example 5.245 Grill Buffet).

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