6.119 Sushi Set M + Beta


4 (Mon) May 2015

Sushi Set M + Beta


at La Tuna

-Malate, Manila-


La Tuna is a Japanese restaurant; hadn’t been on my radar until a couple days ago, when I discovered the place while waiting for my order next door at Moiza (see generally 5.117 The King Is With Sincerity…); the sign “TUNA RAW FISH SUSI” should’ve been a dead giveaway.
It had been fairly busy on Saturday.

Sushi + Alpha*, Day 2.  Engaging on a week-long sushi binge, just because I can now afford to.  In college, I had reportedly proclaimed that my financial ambition in life was simply to earn enough money so that I could eat sushi every day.  I was reminded of this over a recent get-together in Seoul with DP — actually, I don’t recall ever setting such a target, but it sounds like something that I would’ve said.  Even back then, apparently, my primary frame of reference had been food.  For a college student, I suppose that sushi would’ve been quite a luxury.  And as an English lit major, getting rich obviously hadn’t been part of the plan.  In any case, I’ve since attained that relatively humble measure of success, and perhaps a stretch beyond.

*In Korean, the phrase “plus alpha” — pronounced “plus al-pa” — describes “something more, a bit extra on top.”

4,000 pesos — really?
  1. Izakaya Den (6.118 Sushi Moriawase Matsu…) (2.25) / 6 nigiri + 1 gunkan + 6 maki (+ soup) = 420 PHP / alpha : tako karaage (2.5)
  2. La Tuna (6.119 Sushi Set M…) (0.5) / 10 nigiri (+ soup + salad) = 650 PHP / beta : grilled shrimp (1.5)
FREEBIES : Salad (1.5) + Soup (1.25)

Whereas the point of this project is to enjoy the symbolic fruits of my modest success, Manila — at least this part of town — may not be the best place for implementation, given the lack of sushi capacity in the area (see generally 5.250 Assorted Sushi).


Indeed, the sushi here was atrocious.  The fish had been frozen and improperly thawed, rendering the pieces soggy, like sponges, such that pressing into the flesh with chopsticks exuded liquid, which in turn made the rice wet and crumbly.  I should’ve sent the whole thing back and asked for a refund.

Just two days into living the dream, what a nightmare.

BETA : Grilled Shrimp (1.5) — again, at home.


2 thoughts on “6.119 Sushi Set M + Beta

  1. that is some forlorn looking sushi.
    What are those little white blobs on the plate that resemble garlic cloves?

  2. “forlorn” is a perfect word. in fact, i did abandon it.

    the white things are rakyo, the pickled bulbs of japanese scallions.

    koreans like to eat them with sushi (this place is korean owned).

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