6.134 Half Grilled Chicken + Arabic Salad


19 (Tue) May 2015

Half Grilled Chicken + Arabic Salad


from Al Sultan Restaurant [delivery]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Arabic Salad (2.75) — I’m really beginning to like these kinds of Middle Eastern salads (see also 6.126 Tabouli + Chicken Tikka); the one at Kashmir was better (see generally 6.032 Arabic Salad).

The Grilled Chicken was excellent.  More of a roast than grill.  A tad too charred.  Nevertheless, the meat within was perfectly cooked, exquisitely juicy and tender — obviously the beneficiary of brining.  The coloring and flavor, somewhat reminiscent of tandoori.  Overall, perhaps the best chicken that I’ve had in Manila thus far.

(I’ll post photos of the restaurant in a future post.)

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