6.138 AHQFGT


23 (Sat) May 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with MG

In part, I invited MG over for SPAM.  When the product had come up in conversation the other day, his immediate reaction was derisive*, even though he’d never tasted it.  AHQFGT seemed a good way to make the case.  If not, ahfuckit.  Ultimately, I really don’t care what he — or anyone — thinks of SPAM, but I enjoy the challenge.

*I’ve always found such anti-SPAM sentiment to be both valid — given the health/quality/taste issues relating to processed/canned meats in general — and hypocritical — while other processed/canned meats, such as hotdogs, enjoy wider acceptability.

Both tanoa and yaqona acquired on my recent trip to Fiji.
Took a few tries to get the right ratio of water to grog.

The second reason for the invitation was to initiate him on kava. While helping me compile information on the regulatory aspects of kava, MG has been curious to try it.  I’m not a big fan — still trying to recover from my previous experience (see 6.102 Bula Shrimp) — but I welcomed the opportunity to try making a batch myself.

I bought these kava-infused drinks at the duty free store in Nadi, available in 4 flavors : guava, pineapple, chocolate banana, coconut; we only tried the coconut, which seemed would be the least weird, but it was weird nonetheless— still bitter, sickly sweet, artificial coconut aftertaste.
1.1 grams of active ingredient per serving, about the same as the regular stuff.

MG liked the SPAM, not so much the kava.

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