6.233 The New Spread – Pilot, Part 2


26 (Wed) August 2015

The New Spread – Pilot, Part 2


at Golden Fortune

-Ermita, Manila-

with RWJ and various K staff

The Polonchay & Seafood Soup (4.0) here is excellent.  Consists of ground polonchay — a local leafy green, similar to spinach — suspended in a thick clear broth, with chunks of assorted seafood.  Light yet hearty.  Classically Cantonese.

By coincidence, we drank Mongolian vodka.

The occasion was a farewell party for one of the family, Dr RWJ, who will be transferring to the Mongolia country office.  He had been not available yesterday, so we assembled again today.

Same people.

Same restaurant.

Same menu (see generally 6.232 The New Spread – Pilot) — with a few modifications.

Scallops with Broccoli in XO Sauce (3.5) — the sauce provided a welcome kick of spice, which had been missing from the previous spread.
Beef Hofan (3.0) — replacing a forgettable beef dish from yesterday (not pictured), and adding noodles to the spread.

The new spread is much improved.

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