6.257 Chicken & Cauliflower Tikka with Couscous Tabouleh


19 (Sat) September 2015

Chicken & Cauliflower Tikka with Couscous Tabouleh


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


In Indian cuisine, the term “tikka” applies broadly to anything marinated in spices and cooked.  Yogurt is often involved.  Most commonly meats, such as chicken, typically skewered and grilled (see for example 6.126 Tabouleh + Chicken Tikka).  But also braised vegetables (see for example 6.086 Eggplant Tikka).  Famously, controversially, chicken tikka masala has been referred to as “a true British national dish.”

Without thinking, I marinated everything together; because the cauliflower had been in long contact with raw chicken, I had to thoroughly cook it, just to be safe.


Nice.  Seasoned with garam masala.  Marinated for several hours in tzatziki, leftover from yesterday (see previously 6.256 Burgers with Tzatziki…), which had a tenderizing and brining effect, the cubes of chicken breast turned out soft and juicy.  The cauliflower, though a bit mushy from being overcooked, made for an excellent pairing.  My first improvised Indian dish, it wasn’t beginner’s luck (see generally 6.057 Tortilla Improvisado).


Couscous tabouleh, also by me, always reliable (see generally 6.090 Couscous Tabouleh).

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