6.312 A Typical Korean At-Home Meal


13 (Fri) November 2015

A Typical Korean At-Home Meal


by W’s aunt

at home

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with the family

On the road for two weeks, attending a pair of missions, back to back, Switzerland (done), then Fiji (coming up) — now at the halfway point.  Arranged the itinerary — MNL > ICN > GVA > ICN > NAD > ICN > MNL — to allow for three consecutive weekends at home, though only for a day and a half per stop, the second one starting today, leaving again Sunday.  I’ll take my blessings however they may come.

This is almost exactly what I get for dinner every time upon return home (see for example 6.109 Kimchi Jjim), which is why I generally prefer to go out, but predictable home-cooking was exactly what I needed/wanted after a week of eating mediocre European food in hotels and on airplanes.

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