6.341 Yaki Gyoza


12 (Sat) December 2015

Yaki Gyoza


by MK

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with TFI + RK, JL

Another end-of-year gathering, this one with the tobacco team.   My place.  Potluck.

MK came over a bit early to cook a couple of classic Japanese party dishes.

Gyoza is a Japanese dumpling.  Typically consists of minced pork + cabbage + aromatics, wrapped in a thin flour wrapper — essentially the same in composition, exactly the same etymology, as Chinese jiaozi or Korean gyoja (see generally 3.099 Steamed Mandu).  Distinct to Japan, the yaki (fried) version is made by arranging the dumplings in a tight circle in a frying pan, searing them in a thin layer of oil over medium heat, raising the heat to high and adding water, covering the pan with a lid to steam the dumplings through, then plating them upside down, which reveals their browned undersides, now stuck together in a flowery pattern.

My contributions included couscous tabouleh (right) and chicken tikka with tzatziki sauce (bottom) (see most recently 6.257 Chicken & Cauliflower Tikka with Couscous Tabouleh).
Okonomiyaki (3.0) — also by MK; much better, IMHO, than the one that I had in Osaka (see generally 3.354 Scallop Okonomiyaki).

When I told MK ever so politely that her gyoza were underseasoned, she pointed to the soy sauce.

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