6.356 Steamed Egg White, Seafood, Crab Roe Sauce


27 (Sun) December 2015

Steamed Egg White, Seafood, Crab Roe Sauce


at Li Li

(New World Manila Bay)

-Malate, Manila-

with the family

New Year with the Family, Day 2 (see previously 6.355 Ddeok Ramyeon).

After spending the first 10 days of my winter holiday in Seoul (see previously 6.354 Christmas Special Dinner), the remaining 6 days will be here in Manila.  Arrived together yesterday morning.  The wife and kids fly back on January 2.

Hot & Sour Soup (1.5)
Wok-Fried Beef Tenderloin, Mushroom, Oyster Sauce (3.0) — this time with asparagus; beef wasn’t as good as before.  

As per family protocol (see most recently 6.211 Scallops with Broccoli), dinner at Li Li (see most recently 6.323 Steamed Bean Curd…).


The egg white dish was phenomenal.  Chunks of delicately seasoned seafood, laying on a bed of impossibly soft and luxurious egg white — similar in texture to silken tofu but with a bit more structure — topped with a rich crab sauce.  Simple yet sophisticated, subtle yet substantial — totally my kind of dish.   Reminiscent of but more elegant than and superior to a “sublime” egg white dish at Peking Garden last year (see generally 5.244 Scrambled Egg Whites…).

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