6.361 Corn Butter Itame


1 (Fri) January 2016

Corn Butter Itame


at Izakaya Kenta

-Malate, Manila-

with the family

New Year with the Family, Day 7 (see previously 6.360 Lobster, Maybe).

The first 10 days of my winter holiday in Seoul (see most recently 6.354 Christmas Special Dinner), the remaining 7 days here in Manila — now nearly over.  Arrived together last Saturday morning.  The wife and kids fly back on tomorrow.

Tori Karaage (1.5) — too salty.

Corn Butter Itame is a Japanese dish — to the extent that’s even a dish.  Consists of sweet corn, typically from a can, stir-fried (“itame”) in butter.  A broiled variation is a common side at Korean restaurants serving Japanese-style course meals (see for example 5.063 Dageumbari…).

Just occurred to me that mainstream Japanese food is very kid-friendly.  Simple ingredients.  Balanced flavors.  Nothing spicy.  Everything in bite-sized pieces.


The plan had been to eat dinner at Tanabe, but it was fully booked, so we walked across the street to Kenta (see generally 5.250 Assorted Sushi).

A low-key end to a low-key holiday.

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