7.059 Roast Soy Chicken


4 (Fri) March 2016

Roast Soy Chicken


from Tao Yuan [takeout]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with MK, RK, JL et al.

Movie Nite III (see previously 6.096 Budae Jjigae), featuring Rear Window.

Mostly takeout from Tao Yuan (see most recently 7.049 Sauteed Shrimps…), plus a few items by me, a few by my helper.

The Roast Soy Chicken was excellent.  Exquisitely juicy and tender, perfectly seasoned.  A standard item but not on the menu, not covered during TEITY (see generally 6.095 DONE), but it would’ve been rated blue.

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