7.123 Singaporean Tofu


7 (Sat) May 2016

Singaporean Tofu


at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila-

with the family

Children’s Day + Extended Administrative Leave, Day 3 (see previously 7.122 I Got Big Game…).

Together in Manila.  First time this year (see most recently 6.361 Corn Butter Itame).  Taking advantage of Children’s Day, which was a Korean national holiday Thursday.  They flew in Wednesday night.  We’ll be flying back to Seoul on Monday.

Master Plan, Part 3 : Anilao for a day of snorkeling (see most recently 6.045 Tortilla Española) — just a half-day, with traffic so bad, we arrived past noon and left by 1600.


Getting back to Manila, we had dinner at Tao Yuan (see generally 5.088 Chili Crab; most recently 7.059 Roast Soy Chicken).

Crystal Prawns (3.5) — off-menu, but a standard item at Chinese restaurants in Manila (see for example 3.356 Soya Cake…).
Singaporean Spareribs (3.0) : a family favorite.
White Pepper Lobster (4.0) : the family favorite (see most recently 6.209 Mantis Shrimp…).

The Singaporean Tofu — another dish from the new menu (see generally 7.001 Once More…; see also 6.095 DONE) — was hit/miss.  The tofu itself, deep-fried egg custard tofu, was excellent.  The sauce, minced pork in brown gravy, was good.  But together, not so much.

Next time, maybe the tofu in a spicy mapo-style sauce (see generally 1.140 Mapo Tofu…).


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