7.127 Yangjangpi


11 (Wed) May 2016



at Dongbuk Hweogweo Wang

-Dongdaemun, Seoul-

with MtG


Children’s Day Holiday + Annual Leave, Day 7 (see previously 7.126 Pork Bulgogi).

In Seoul.  Arrived Monday.  On extended leave to take care of various administrative matters in preparation for the family’s move to the Philippines in a couple months.  Going back to Manila, by myself, on Sunday.

One last bottle of Jingjiu for the road.
Yangjangpi (3.5) : good as ever.
Mapa Tofu (3.0) : on the house.
Scrambled Egg with Woodear Mushrooms (2.5) : too much mushroom.

This may have been my final visit to Dongbuk Hweogweo Wang (see most recently 4.359 Yangjangpi), at least for the foreseeable future.  Once the family moves, my trips to Korea will be few and far between, and I doubt that I’d use such rare opportunities to eat here — though it remains my favorite Chinese restaurant in Seoul, possibly the third most frequented restaurant overall.  Thanks for the memories.

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