7.136 Raclette


20 (Fri) May 2016



by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with colleagues

Haven’t done raclette in over a year and a half (see most recently 5.300 Croquetas…), tonight being only the second occasion since lugging the machine from Korea.

MN — who adores cheese, and stocks up on good cheese whenever she has access to it, like in Brisbane, where she’d taken the opportunity of a long layover to go into the city for cheese shopping, and accompany me for dinner so long as she was there (see generally 6.242 Scallops) — recently brought back raclette from a trip to Geneva, so we threw a party.

In addition to other cheeses, I prepared mushrooms, bell peppers and onions, and sausages as accompaniments.
The Swiss taking their raclette very seriously, each cheese sourced from a different provincial origin — they all tasted the same to me.
We also ordered chicken and seafood kebabs, accompanied by my now world-famous purple couscous tabouleh (see for example 7.109 Chicken Tikka…).

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