7.163 Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream Spaghettini


16 (Thu) June 2016

Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream Spaghettini


at Mamou Too!

-Rockwell, Makati-

with colleagues

The occasion was a farewell party for certain colleagues — nobody whom I’ve worked with in the office, nobody whom I’ve hung out with after work, but somehow got invited to the party.

Rockwell Power Plant Mall — how the other half lives.
Mamou Too! is an American/Italian-style steakhouse. This second branch located in Rockwell Power Plant (original in Serendra Piazza).

The food was good.  For starters, spaghettini tossed in a cream sauce with padano cheese and truffle oil, inherently rich yet somehow delicate, perfectly seasoned.  The other dishes were hit and miss, respectively, but well worth a second shot (even if not for TERSP — looking forward to a more detailed review, closer to home).

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