7.167 Pickled Purpled Cabbage

20 (Mon) June 2016

Pickled Purpled Cabbage


by me


at Casa Armas

(see most recently 7.164 Almejas al Horno)

-Malate, Manila-

with K staff and guests

Embolded by the recent success of sharing homemade kimchi (see generally 7.155 Kimchi Tang), I tried it again, this time with pickles in the western style — à la vinegar — to go with the Spanish spread.  As the three regular readers of GMTD will recognize, the purple is attributed to my latest favorite technique of adding red cabbage, which provides a purple staining (see for example 7.109 Chicken Tikka…).  Perhaps because the occasion involved guests, lots of them, including some relatively higher-ups, nobody seemed to notice — which could suggest that the pickles melded seamlessly into the meal.

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