7.175 Chicken Curry


28 (Tue) June 2016

Chicken Curry


at Delhi

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with the family

National Assembly of the Republic of Korea

Mission to Korea + Personal Deviation : Day 4 (see previously 7.175 Ddeokbokki…).

In Seoul.   Here for a planning meeting, held today, on the upcoming parliamentarian forum in November (see most recently 7.009 Grilled US Beef Tenderloin), which the Organization had supported last year (see generally 6.178 Sliders).  Arrived Saturday morning. Flying back to Manila tomorrow evening.

Back in the day, the landmark Princess Hotel — located smack dab in the middle of what people typically refer to as “Apgujeong” (technically Sinsa), once a hotbed of restaurants, bars, clubs, karaokes (the original Gangnam Style) — was the final stop at the end of the night for those who’d managed to secure a certain ticket to ride (the original love shack).
When the Wife heard that I’d taken the boys there to hang out, only for a couple hours, oh man, she was not happy.

Although the logistics of this short mission didn’t require me to stay in a hotel, I checked into one anyway (because it’s in my pecuniary interests to do so).  I chose the hotel closest to home, which happens also to be the cheapest (to maximize those interests), but I didn’t actually stay there.

Delhi is a curry house.  Located in Apgujeong, across the street from Princess Hotel.  Astoundingly, it’s been around for at least 26 years in a neighborhood where most restaurants don’t last a year.
New digs, with more seating, which would suggest that business is good.

In 1990, on the occasion of my very first formal date, Delhi is where I took the lucky girl to dinner.

For a poor high school student, it was a relatively sophisticated venue choice, especially given the dearth of affordable date-worthy dining options in Seoul at the time.

(To be clear, I’d had many girlfriends before that, but they were already friend-friends, so no real “dating” had been involved.)

(I couldn’t convince her to join me for a nightcap at the Princess that evening, but she did end up being my girlfriend.)

Nostalgia rekindled by checking in to the Princess this morning (if you know what I mean), I was inspired this evening to take the lucky wife and kids to dinner at Delhi — for the second time in my life, probably the last.

Despite the name of the place, the menu used to offer only Japanese-style curries — the country likely didn’t have a single Indian restaurant in 1990 — but it seems to have diversified.

The food was okay.


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    1. sharp observation! as noted in the comment under the photo of the menu, the curries all used to be japanese-style, which is where Korean “kah-re” derive from. the restaurant now offers more indian-ish-ish curries, but i intentionally ordered what appeared to be the old-school version.

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