7.226 Kor Moo Yang


18 (Thu) August 2016

Kor Moo Yang


at Tamarind

-SM Aura, Taguig-

with the family

Perhaps encouraged by the menus here, which tend to feature photographs of the dishes, IZ has come to insist on ordering his own food.

While I’m certain that my sons will grow up to become the most well-rounded, well-informed, well-experienced eaters on the planet, I’m so proud that they’re seizing the ownership so early on —- IZ is 4.

Exceedingly unlikely for a return visit, I won’t bother to describe.

The food was kinda crappy all around.

Only the Kor Moo Yang (soy-marinated grilled pork) — IZ’s choice — was reasonably edible.

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