7.238 Chicken Pesto Pizza


30 (Tue) August 2016

Chicken Pesto Pizza


from Marketplace by Rustan’s

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-


At my favorite neighborhood grocery store, Marketplace by Rustan’s includes a deli with ready-to-go items, mostly westernish.

Not the most expansive selection, but better than nothing in case of emergency or indolence.

The Chicken Pesto Pizza was outstanding.  Dry yet chewy crust, nicely seasoned.  Well-balanced tomato sauce as a foundation, laced with a delicate pesto sauce on top for a bit of kick.  Chicken was a non-issue.  Overall, a slight hint of smokiness, as if cooked in a wood-fired oven.  Perhaps the best standard pizza — not counting The Original — that I’ve had in the Philippines thus far.

Alas, other items weren’t that great (clockwise from bottom) : meatballs (2.0) + roast chicken (2.0) + Chicken Pesto Pizza (3.5) + beef caldereta (2.0) + pepperoni pizza (3.25).

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