7.240 Corn : Two Ways


1 (Thu) September 2016

Corn : Two Ways


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-One Serendra, Taguig-


Way 1 : corn whiskey.  Without the stricter regulatory standards applicable to whiskies from Kentucky (e.g., Jim Beam) or Tennessee (e.g., Jack Daniel’s), whether on content or ageing, this whiskey from Missouri — acquired in Osaka 2 years ago — was rather shallow in flavor and pale in appearance, perhaps what high-end moonshine might’ve been like back in the day.


Way 2 : corn chips.  Though I do love me some Pringles, I’ve always felt a bit icky that the pieces aren’t sliced from whole potatoes but artificially shaped from potato mash — in a sense, Pringles are the SPAM of potato chips.  However, as corn chips are made from corn mash, these seem perfectly natural.

2 thoughts on “7.240 Corn : Two Ways

  1. Corn whisky? How interesting… did you drink it neat/on the rocks, or did you mix it with something? I would love to try it some day. Is it American?

  2. Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and other American whiskies, as well as Canadian whiskies (e.g., Crown Royal, Canadian Club) are all made predominantly with corn, so it’s not that unusual in itself. It’s called “corn” whiskey presumably because it doesn’t qualify as one of the protected types of whiskey, e.g., bourbon, though i suppose it stands out as a result.

    never drink whiskey on ice, because as the ice melts it continues to dilute the flavor. if you want it cold, either add cold water, or keep the bottle in the fridge.

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