7.242 Chicken Sujebi


3 (Sat) September 2016

Chicken Sujebi


by me

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with the family

This tasty-nutritious-easy-cheap dish should be in the weekly rotation, surprising that today’s post is only the second time it’s been featured across nearly 7 cycles of GMTD.

4 thoughts on “7.242 Chicken Sujebi

  1. of course!

    so easy, just water, flour, salt.

    store-bought sujebi is okay in its own right, light and slippery, kinda like wonton wrappers, but chewier.

    but hand-made, the dough is thick and dense and fuller, totally different experience.

    1. Yes! I’m *thrilled* to see a post with Sujebi. It’s been one of my absolutely favorite “comfort foods” since I was a young child. It reminds me of being in my childhood home in the snowy winters and eating mom’s Sujebi (the best!) on the couch watching TV. Thanks for sparking good memories!

  2. try making it yourself…. boil a small chicken, reserving the resulting stock; shred meat; add potatoes, maybe mushrooms, peas, whatever, egg ribbons, then add store-bought sujebi or just make your own dough, roll it out, and tear it into pieces, season with a touch of soy sauce, salt, pepper. so easy (why moms make it)!

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