7.251 Steamed Lapu Lapu in Soy-Ginger Sauce


12 (Mon) September 2016

Steamed Lapu Lapu in Soy-Ginger Sauce


by YRL

at her home


with the family, and colleagues


An odd gathering, inspired by a random conversation with a distant colleague in the cafeteria at work last week.  To show how distant, the conversation had started with her congratulating me on the new baby (doing the math, I realize quite pathetically that nobody could possibly be pregnant with my child at the moment); the conversation also ended with her asking me my last name, so she could email me the invite.  The conversation was about how my wife enjoys living in Manila, whereas her husband, who’s French and works coincidentally in Korea, deplores Manila and refuses to join her, even though he’s been coming and going for many years during her time here.  So, she wanted my wife to talk some sense into her husband.  She invited a few other colleagues for good measure.

Forget the people (on the right is KSM, who works with ADB, with whom by sheer coincidence I’d met at the aging conference in Hanoi last week (see 7.246 Bun Cha); on the left is our gracious hostess), the point of this photo is to show that kitchens in traditional upper-class houses are located outside — one reason why I didn’t want to move into a house — so that the servants can cook without stinking up the inside; even luxury condos have a separate “dirty kitchen” way in the back, where deep-frying and other smelly jobs are undertaken.

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  1. actually, I was doing the math to see how old a child would have to be, in order to possibly be my child. that child might just be IZ.

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