7.275 Piggy


6 (Thu) October 2016



at 8Cuts Burger Blends

(see most recently 7.122 Burger)

-Serendra Piazza, Taguig-

with W, the boys, the In-Laws

Disappointed somewhat to discover that the restaurant has simplified the menu, no longer offering customizable burgers as before.  Then again, the simplification should hopefully allow for the kitchen to concentrate on a limited number of items that it can do well.

Case in point : Piggy, “with House-made Smoked Bacon, House Cheddar, SAUCE NO. 3, Garlic Aioli and Bacon-Onion Compote.”  Solid.

Incongruously, despite her constant insistence on feeding me typical Korean at-home foods (see most recently 7.272 Suyuk), she loves going out to eat American-style “junk food.”

And that’s why we celebrated their final evening in town at a burger joint.

Countdown to departure : 18 hours.

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